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Where Are They Now?

  • In Memorium In Memoriam  (let us know who has passed) Gary Michiels         Gary Wayne Michiels November 28, 1945 – February 11, 2017 Biloxi Following a seven-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease, Biloxi businessman and long-time Mississippi Gulf Coast broadcaster Gary Michiels passed away peacefully the evening of February 11, 2017, at the Biloxi Veterans Administration Community Living Center. Michiels, 71, born in Alexandria, Louisiana, had been a Biloxi resident since first being stationed at Keesler Air Force Base as a young officer in the late 1960s. A graduate of Louisiana State University, Michiels left Baton Rouge for the Air Force and was assigned to lead an electronics squadron at Keesler, a position that ultimately led to a tour in Vietnam and a Bronze Star for his service. Michiels left the military after Vietnam and retuned to his career in radio, a passion he had nurtured since his first radio job at age 14. Michiels’ professional radio career spanned five decades and took him briefly to Meridian, Mississippi, and to Pensacola, Florida but always brought him back to Biloxi. Michiels’ career in radio was that of an on-air personality, sales manager, station manager, and programmer. As a programmer, he formatted the first soft rock radio station on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Lite107, in the late ’80s. As an owner/operator he revived the legendary Gulf Coast frequency of WVMI 570-AM by creating the area’s first news/talk-formatted radio station. At its peak in 1998, WVMI employed over two-dozen on-air personalities, local reporters, sales associates, and support staff. A graduate of the M.B.A. program from the University of Southern Mississippi, Michiels intertwined his radio career with multiple stints as a professor of business administration at William Carey Collage. Michiels touched the lives of countless people who will remember him as a mentor whose patient guidance and generous sharing of his wealth of knowledge helped them launch their own successful careers. Michiels, along with his wife Lisa Michiels, published the Bay Press, formerly the Biloxi D’Iberville Press, in the early 2000s and started the Coast’s first art-focused publication, Art Gulf Coast, which the two published for three years. Michiels was a recipient of Biloxi’s Distinguished Volunteer of the Year award and originated the popular City Desk podcast. A resident of Seal Avenue in Biloxi, Michiels helped his community rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, working the same as he did some 40 years earlier, when as a young airman he helped the Mississippi Coast rebuild after Hurricane Camille. A man of quiet ...
  • Al Murphy – WVMI Al Murphy still going strong. He’s a regular at Darwell’s Cafe in Long Beach. Pretty darn good singer! (Fron Ted White 2015)
  • This article brought tears to my eyes.
    Jay Austin K99-FM
    This article brought tears to my eyes. I always dreamed of working in radio. When no one would give me a job, I found a partner, Bob Lochte. Then we found a lot of debt and a station so crummy in Pulaski Tennessee that we could afford to buy it. I was thrilled to be in radio. Bob did such a great job with the music and programming that It quickly became successful. In a few years the competition bought us out to get rid of us. After a disappointing experience in television, my next radio job was working at K99Fm in Biloxi Mississippi with Bob Lima with Rick Mize, two of the most talented radio guys I ever met. It was incredibly fun and remarkably successful. Along came the heavy hand of Triathlon (later Clear Channel) gobbling up stations and putting the accountants in charge. One year was all I could stand, so I bought a struggling station in McCook, Nebraska, beginning an amazing ten year local radio adventure that included building a second station there. In tiny McCook, we were named station of the year by new Music Weekly Magazine, the award for Nebraska’s best newscast by AP, and we won the hearts and minds of regular people in southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas. Radio was fun again because we did it all locally. We did it for the listeners. The advertisers sure liked it too. Ten years later we got an offer so good, we sold out, but not to our competitor who wanted to own everything in town. He kept the local people and didn’t kill the magic. Cherry Creek Radio hired me and said they wanted me to run their radio stations in Montrose Colorado the way I had run mine. Six years later when slammed by the great recession, I knew that, if what they had said was ever true, it certainly no was longer so. I subsequently worked a few months for Cumulus. It was one of the worst places I have ever been. Having worked for the two so-called giants of the business I can tell you that radio is dying of self inflicted wounds. Voices in the wilderness like WWCD are its last best hope. Thanks Bob Lochte, Bob Lima, Rick Mize, Pulaski Tennessee and McCook Nebraska for a great ride. Local radio can truly be mag
  • Bob Mello Bob Mello was 98 Frog's Account Executive and Sales Manager during the mid-90s.  He handles such important accounts as Skip's Boots, Daytona Speedway and varios country music clubs (Neon Moon etc) in Daytona. Bob now lives along the Space Coast and still is in advertising. Please Note:  Help us update this profile. Just submit info below:  
  • Mike ‘Albert’ Ortego WQID Air Talent & Production Director (80s) Went to Memphis and worked as CHR production director. Worked similar jobs up north at rock WAAF Boston and back to Nashville for Fox an oldies format.  Got married and went to Ft Lauderdale at rock WSHE, back to Memphis for a cluster production director job and eventually camped here doing solo work. 3 children, college soph & twin high schoolers. Worked in radio till 1996, self employed VO actor and audio producer till present.   Checkout his website Please Note: Help us update this profile. Just submit info below:
  • Mike ‘Terry’ Blakeney Mike (Terry) Blakeney WQID 6PM-12AM late ’78-early ’79.   Mike writes… “I was preceded by Mike “your top banana” Lana and followed by Don Silver. Funny story. Once Don did not show up at midnight so I did his shift too. Then…you were filling in on mornings and YOU did not show up.  Some weekend guy, (I think he worked at WNOE some) but I can’t remember his name finally showed up around 8AM.  A 14 hour shift haha. I am still doing mornings at the AC station here in Monroe, LA. I was the morning PD at the heritage country (a Holladay station) for 16 years. I have been doing mornings in Monroe for going on 22 years now. I also have a pretty nice free lance voice over business and do car dealers and radio and tv imaging. Check out my website if you get a chance. Link below.” Radio & TV Imaging The Voice of Automotive Voice: 318.348.3452 Fax.Studio:318.388.1573
  • Laurin Dunn Laurin Dunn  aka Spanky Johnson, sales at 98Frog mid 90s Working for Florida Hospital East Orlando.
  • Dave Simmons Stations Worked: WQID, WVMI Worked QID and VMI as part timer from May of 77 through Aug of 79. Great times, fond memories.
  • Jim ‘Bailey’ Wilkinson Jim Bailey was part of the Lance & Jim Morning Show on WVMI in the mid 70s.  Jim later returned to his naitive Brownsville Texas home. Please Note:  Help us update this profile. Just submit info below:
  • Dave Vincent Dave was an award winning News Director for WVMI-WQID in the late 70s. Since Dave left he has been with WLOX-TV in Biloxi as their News Director Please Note:  Help us update this profile. Just submit info below:
  • Steve Stewart Evenings on WQID Please Note:  Help us update this profile. Just submit info below:
  • Pat McGowan Pat McGowan was WQID’s Midday host throughout the 80s. He still lives and works in Mississippi GC radio.  
  • Mike Lana ‘Your Top Banana’ WQID late 70s and early 80s afternoon drive.  Whereabouts today is unknown. Please Note:  Help us update this profile. Just submit info below:
  • Ken Knight “Bill Jackson” WQID 1980s Afternoon Drive     Please Note:  Help us update this profile. Just submit info below:

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