Ron Hurst ‘Spider Jackson’

Spider was one of the first two DJs for 94FM (1973) along with Pablo (see below) which eventually became WQID. Ron later returned to school after Keesler Air Force Base.

Ron says…
“FM 94 was a blast because it was doing afternoon drive while I was
still in the Air Force! After my enlistment ended, I returned to
Massachusetts to go to college and received a BA in Communications and
Business. Worked as a fill-in anchor on WRKO Boston in the mid ’70s,
worked downstairs for six years as a writer, producer and assignment
editor at Channel 7, then returned to WRKO for 13 years as a news
anchor, once again. Later hired at Metro Networks anchoring news on
Country WKLB for 5 1/2 years. With the industry quickly changing, I
was let go and have been out of the business. In 2009 Ron, wife and two college age son and daughter moved to Nashville, TN where I work for Gaylord Entertainment.”

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